We grow a variety of fruits and vegetables and distribute seeds from perennial and self-seeding annuals, herbs and flowers.

Earth Sheltered Greenhouse Project


Over the past four years we have been working on a wonderful project, designing an earth sheltered greenhouse, a greenhouse banked in the earth for better insulation in cold weather.   After work with two rounds of engineering students from Memorial University, we completed a design for a 240 square foot structure that provides space for year round growing.   A second phase, funded by Memorial's Public Partnerships, allowed us to convene a group of 21 local food producers and activists to fine tune the design and figure out how to make it fit into local communities.  This spring we will build our first demonstration version at the O'Brien Farm in St. John's.  For more about this exciting project, please email us through our contact page.

Creating the Year Round Garden 


We had a wonderful time in our 2019 Spring workshops. Over the past 8 years, more than 800 people have attended our talks and workshop sessions.  We offered the workshops this year in Pouch Cove, Salmonier and also at the Farmer's Market in St. John's.  Pouch Cove sessions included a home cooked lunch and garden tours, along with seed starting and raised bed construction.     

Uncle Dirt radio show and podcast


During 2018 we hosted a weekly show on CHMR (Memorial University campus radio) about gardens, gardening and food security.   The title of that series was Uncle Dirt.  Each show included an interview with a local gardener, food producer or researcher along with discussion of issues that range from food security to how to make the most of your garden to grow local food, flowers and herbs.   For podcasts of our first ten shows, you can go to:

Interview with Dale Jarvis


We spoke with the Intangible Cultural Heritage Development Officer for our province, Dale Jarvis, who recorded a podcast about the development of our site and recent discoveries with northern-adapted plants and season extension.

To hear that interview, click here:

Northern Orchard Planted


 Thanks to funding received from Tree Canada's Edible Tree Program in 2017 we added more than 25 fruit and nut trees and bushes to the garden beds, fields and greenhouses at our garden site.


Our plantings now include 11 apple trees, 4 plums, peach trees, a sour cherry tree, pear tree, elderberries, bush cherries, kiwi vines, grape vines, thornless blackberries, red currants, black currants, white currants and gooseberries. 

With these fruit and nut trees planted we have become a local site for trying out fruit and nut varieties adapted to northern climates, to advise local growers on  the best varieties for our area, to help rebuild food security in our coastal communities.  

We wish to acknowledge and thank our sponsors (TREE CANADA, TELUS, LOBLAW’S and SILK) for their vision and support. We also thank Murray’s Gardens for assisting and supporting us in this project.   





In 2014, 2015 and 2016 Perfectly Perennial Herbs and Seeds was funded by the Bauta Family Seed Initiative to expand and develop our seed production site.    


With our partners in Deborah's Garden (a former local neighbourhood garden cooperative) and help from dozens of visiting wwoofers and volunteers, we found and  propagated new seed varieties for distribution to local growers and gardeners.  


We appreciate the support of ACORN, Food First, Common Ground Community Development, Hickey's Timber Mart, Chris Squires, Murray's Gardens, The ReStore (Habitat for Humanity), Gaze Seeds, and our funders USC Canada, Seeds of Diversity and Tree Canada.  Our seed site is made possible by their support.  



on hold


We were looking forward to hosting more Creating the Year Round Garden Spring workshops but the covid pandemic means that those are postponed for now.

If you emailed to express interest, we will sendout a general email about garden design services and asking you to be part of. . .  



We will be launching an online information and incubation site to support and inform local growers, including home gardeners, market gardeners and community gardeners, to help them grow more food at the community level.   By doing this we hope to build and sustain food security across our province and our region.  If you are interested, please email us.


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